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CS Unitec Impact Wrenches

Impact Wrenches from CS Unitec

CS UNITEC... the power of innovation!

CS Unitec specializes in electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools for construction and industry.

CS Unitec’s pneumatic and hydraulic impact wrenches are ideal for industrial, mining, assembly and subsea applications.

Innovation and high quality are synonymous with CS Unitec’s power tools. In 1991, the company invented the first pneumatic portable band saw. In subsequent years, the company has added to its list of industry firsts with the widest range of portable magnetic drills; hand-held hydraulic, pneumatic and electric concrete core drills; core bits; air concrete saws; hydraulic, electric and pneumatic band saws; air chain saws; air hack saws; pipe saws; reciprocating saws; saw blades; concrete grinders; sanders; polishers; surface finishing tools; corner drills; nut runners; portable nibblers; drills and drive units; air torque wrenches; rolling motors; rotary hammers; drill motors; dust extraction tools; vacuum systems; wall slotters; tuck point grinders; 9" cut off saws; angle grinders; mixers; mixing machines; mixing paddles; metal finishing tools; and non-sparking hand tools.

Low torque impact wrench from CS Unitec

Low Torque

(τ ≤ 1000 ft-lbs)

Medium torque impact wrenches from CS Unitec

Medium Torque

(1000 ft-lbs < τ ≤ 2000 ft-lbs)

High torque impact wrenches from CS Unitec

High Torque

(τ > 2000 ft-lbs)