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Taylor Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

Impact Wrenches from Taylor Pneumatic

When it comes to the tools of your trade, you demand quality, value, and availability. Taylor Pneumatic Tool Company is proud to be able to deliver a high level of customer service along with a wide range of industrial pneumatic tools and accessories.

Every Taylor Pneumatic tool is designed and built with your needs and application in mind. A full inventory of tools, accessories, and parts are in stock and ready to ship so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Taylor Pneumatic offers a complete line of impact wrenches with square drive sizes up to 1-1/2", torque ratings of up to 3000 ft-lbs, and a diverse array of reliable, powerful clutch mechanisms.

The product line below is sorted in ascending order by the tools’ maximum (reverse) torque ratings.

Low torque impact wrench from Taylor Pneumatic

Low Torque

(τ ≤ 1000 ft-lbs)

Medium torque impact wrenches from Taylor Pneumatic

Medium Torque

(1000 ft-lbs < τ ≤ 2000 ft-lbs)

High torque impact wrenches from Taylor Pneumatic

High Torque

(τ > 2000 ft-lbs)